Year 6 have been doing their Bikeability training this week and have been seen pedalling up and down London Road improving their technique and learning correct procedures. We are extremely grateful to our band of parent volunteers who help with this event – this is one event that really couldn’t happen without a high level of parental involvement.

Around the World

Geography week was celebrated in school with each class learing about a different country, and presenting their findings to the rest of the school in a special assembly. We have a lovely display wall showing Year 2’s Picasso-inspired portraits, whilst Year 1 loved making pizza!

Also as part of Geography week we had visit from Zoolab-who bought in a variety of creatures for the pupils to learn about, and in some cases, handle. We had a corn snake, an African land snail, giant millipede, cockroaches and even a tarantula!

Goblin Kit Car

Studying the plans



We have competed in Goblin Kit Car events for a number of years with some success and this year decided to invest in a second car and open the club up to as many pupils as possible.

So, on a wet Friday afternoon, 24 of our Year 5 and 6 pupils divided into groups of eight – Red, Green and Blue teams. Each team worked on a designated task-helping to unpack and starting to build the new car, practising driving our current Goblin and finally designing the theme of the bodywork for both cars. The time flew by and by the end of our first session not only had we got the chassis complete on the new car, everybody had had a practice drive and thanks to Ms Cossington we had worked out stunning designs for both cars!