We will be collecting donations for our Harvest Festival over the next two weeks. Children can bring in anything from cupboards at home that will stay fresh. We will display the donations and then box them up into hampers and deliver to various homes and residential settings in the town. Please send in what you can. Starting 6th October through to 18th October. Thanks in advance for your continuing support.

Growing Club

We had our first ‘Growing Club’ session this week for Y3. We had a number of volunteers who came and talked to the children about planting, maintaining and growing in the allotment and others in the classroom, working on Art activities linked to plants and vegetables.

Children do need wellies and over shirts when it is their week. Please keep a look out for our Saturday morning clear up session which is planned to take place soon. More details will follow.



We are collecting the Tubs4Tablets vouchers. These are from Flora or stork tubs of margarine. 50 vouchers= 1 tablet (ipad equivalent).

Please post your tokens in the box made available in the school entrance. the vouchers from Tescos are available from early October.

Reminder that we are also collection Morrisons ‘Let’s Grow’ vouchers.