Year Five take part in £5 for 5!

Last week the children in Year 5 took part in our annual ‘£5 for 5’ entrepreneurial task. This involves groups of children being give £5 and them investing it in the way they think is best to then raise funds. This year they came up with some imaginative new ways of raising money including lucky dips, cake sales and a dog show!

Lucky dip

Dog Show

Cake Sale

The money that they raise go towards a treat for them at the end of the year and they usually have  enough to give money to a charity of their choice.

Many thanks to the parents and staff who have worked so hard to support the children all all of their business ventures!

Corpus Christi Mass

For over 100 years, Arundel Cathedral has celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi with a festival of flowers, which includes a magnificent carpet of flowers in the central aisle of the Cathedral and a procession of the Blessed Sacrament from the Cathedral to the courtyard of Arundel Castle, where Benediction is given.

Many of the classes have been down to visit the Carpet of Flowers. Our Year 6 pupils too their reception Class Faith Buddies down to see it.

As part of the Corpus Christi Mass and procession, the children who made their First Holy Communion took part in the procession through the Castle Grounds.

Year 5 Wintershall Trip

On Thursday 20th July, Year 5 were very blessed to be able to attend a performance of the ‘Life of Christ’ at Wintersahall. The performance involved hundreds of actors bring the story of Jesus to life in an open-air epic production set in stunning Surrey countryside.

Peter Hutley (OBE) and Ann Hutley have transformed their stunning estate into the home of epic open-air performances about the life of Jesus. Their very first Nativity started in a barn in 1989. Now their professional productions, with casts of hundreds, are seen by tens of thousands. Their vision is to tell the story.

All of the Year 5 children were impeccably behaved and we are very grateful to Lucy hall at Wintershall for providing our school with a bursary for tickets and to the Friends of St Philip’s for paying towards the coach costs.

Canine Partner Assembly

This morning we were joined by Gill Webb from Canine Partners. She bought Carrie the Labrador-Retriever Cross in to show the children all the wonderful things Canine Partners can do. Carrie was able to pick up keys and a mobile phone, open cupboards and even help to take off hats and a scarf. The children really enjoyed having them in and asked some fantastic questions.


The Canine Partners are holding a Carol Service at Arundel Cathedral on 12th December to raise money.

Year 2 Browings’ Farm Visit

On Monday, Year 2 were lucky enough to travel to Brownings’ Farm, Kirdford to spend a day on the farm learning about being organic and using renewable energy. The children had great fun going on mini-beast hunts and identifying different types of trees.

Science Week

Last week we held our annual school Science Week, each class learnt about a specific scientist and carried out experiments linked to a particular topic. Next week we are having a special visit from Gooey Stewy- the fizzpop scientist as a special Science themed assembly!

Forensic Science Workshop

Last week an educational company came in and delivered a ‘forensic science’ workshop. This enabled children from Class R through to Year 6 to look at clues, examine evidence and piece together who they believed committed the crime! This provided a great opportunity to get children thinking logically, strategically and cooperatively.

Year 3 Children Make their First Holy Communion

Over the past few weeks, many of the Year 3 children in our school celebrated their first Holy communion at Arundel Cathedral, Slindon church, Our lady of Sorrows and at Our Lady Star of the Sea. During our assemblies, all children received a special card from the school congratulating them. The children explained how they really enjoyed receiving the bread and the wine and they loved celebrating with their families afterwards.