Year 1 & 2 Win Gymnastics Competition

Congratulations to our Year 1 and 2 gymnasts who took part in the Littlehampton Locality gymnastics competition on Tuesday 25th February. The boys team won gold medals whilst the girls came in third place . These scores were then combined to secure St Philips 1st place overall. The had to learn a routine which included performing a vault. Thank you to all of the parents who took their children to the event.

Pastor Hugo Visits

St Philip’s were very blessed to receive a visit from Pastor Hugo on Tuesday morning. Pastor Hugo van Driel has been involved in Yapton Free Church since 1991. The children really love hearing the exciting ways he tells Bible stories, does quizzes with them about Jesus and teaches them songs with actions that they can join along with. They also really enjoy listening to him playing guitar and singing the songs that he teaches them.

Origami Club

This week has seen the start of ‘Origami Club’. The idea originated from a suggestion from one of the pupils during a School Council meeting. When the suggestion was made, Mrs Horne requested that a proposal needed to be put together explaining why the club should run. The pupil who suggested the idea wrote Mrs Horne a letter to outline when, where and why the club would be taking place and she also had a meeting with Mrs Horne to discuss this further. Once the club had been approved, the pupil made and put up posters around the school to let all of the children know when and where it would be taking place.

The club has been a real hit this week with children from across the school attending.