Chelsea Football Learning Packs

Here are the next lot of  ‘Extra Time Learning Resource packs’ that have been created by the Chelsea Football education department. These are editable so children can work on them online.

There is a pack for each day of the week (Mon-Fri)

First up on Monday is: Monday- Kante, followed by Tuesday- Sophie Ingle, Wednesday- Hudson Odoi, Thursday- Sam Kerr and then finishing with Friday- Legends.

Please click on the packs below:

Monday- Kante

Tuesday- Sophie Ingle

Wednesday- Hudson Odoi

Thursday- Sam Kerr

Friday- Legends

Oscar’s exciting news

Last week, Oscar had to have a 7 day ambulatory ECG. He was given an explainer leaflet and ended up having a conversation with the physiologist about how with other tests he has had a leaflet in child friendly language had helped him to feel less worried about the test. They said that was a good point and said they’d like to have a child friendly leaflet. Oscar spent the week making a prototype and when he returned the monitor he handed it in. He then received confirmation that the hospital will be giving the leaflet out to all paediatric cardiology patients until 2023 and Oscar is very proud they’ve credited him as an author!

Accelerated Reader Competition – Update

Your children may have already told you that we have a competition in school between the different classes about how much reading is done.

We as teachers can measure this by the amount of Accelerated Reader Quizzes that are taken and passed. At the moment the totals are:

1st Place – Year 5: was 6,255,155 words –  was: 6,660,784 – Now: 7,468,145

2nd Place – Year 4: was 3,701,147 words –  was: 4,006,659 – Now: 4,122,830

3rd Place – Year 6: was 2,997,317 words –  was: 3,484,863  – Now: 3,748,094

4th Place – Year 3: was 2,467,221 words –  was: 3,037,036 – Now: 3,732,669

5th Place – Year 2: was 42,323 words –  was: 227,546 – Now: 338,858

We also have some children who are in the ‘Millionaire’s Club’ which means they have read OVER ONE MILLION WORDS!

These children are:

Amara – Year 3 

Isla – Year 5 

Sophia -Year 5 

Charlie D – Year 5 

Your teachers will be in contact with you to congratulate you!


The way to add to your class word count is to read books or go onto Myon and take Accelerated Reader Quizzes on them (Please note these are to be completed independently by the children with no help from adults so that we can gauge their understanding of the text)