Isabella’s Blue Peter Badges

Isabella in Year 4 has been very busy building her collection of Blue Peter badges. She has written a short report about what she had to do to get the different badges:

The Blue Badge!

For my blue, Blue Peter badge, I drew a picture of Henry the Blue Peter dog.  I also wrote a letter saying what I like so much about Blue Peter and why I deserve the badge.


The Green Badge!

For my green Blue Peter badge, I wrote a poem about flowers and a letter saying how I came up with the ideas because the Green Badge is also called the nature badge.


The Purple Badge!

For my  purple Fan Club blue peter badge, I joined the fan club and then I filled in a form saying things that I liked and disliked about a show.


I have also applied for the music badge and I hope to receive that soon. I explained what music I like and also sent a photo of me playing the piano.