Planting seeds for the Wildflower Project

The mayor came to help some of the younger children plant seeds int he school allotment. The seeds were donated by The Wildflower Project. One packet of seeds for every child. The younger children have planted the seeds on the school site but key stage 2 children have taken the seeds home to plant.

The idea is that the wildflowers grow and become food sources for bees who are pollinators.

We will wait to see what grows!

Fairtrade pancakes from Arundel Co op

Each February the school raises awareness of the importance of Fairtrade during Fair trade Fortnight. This usually includes one of the classes visiting our local Co op in the town. As a Fairtrade accredited school, we promote Fairtrade goods all year round.

This year, we were unable to go into the store as it was during the period of time when the school was closed for most pupils. Instead, Jackey Burzio, from the Co op, contacted us and asked if we would like some Fairtrade products.She delivered Fairtrade produce to the school for the children to make chocolate and banana pancakes.

Tree planting in memory of a past pupil

Year 4 children were part of a tree planting session last week. Liam Treadwell attended st Philip’s when he was a child and enjoyed his time here. His family have stayed in touch with the school and donated an Oak tree to the school in his memory.

Liam’s brother dug the hole and the family joined the children in planting it. They will plant bulbs so there is colour around the base all year round.


World Book Day

On Thursday 4th March, we celebrated our love of reading on World Book Day. the children were asked to dress up as a book character either at home or in school and to then share why they chose their character. There were lots of activities planned for the day and children both at home and at school enjoyed the Literacy focus.