Accelerated Reader Competition – Update

Your children may have already told you that we have a competition in school between the different classes about how much reading is done.

We as teachers can measure this by the amount of Accelerated Reader Quizzes that are taken and passed. At the moment the totals are:

1st Place – Year 5: was 6,255,155 words –  now: 6,660,784

2nd Place – Year 4: was 3,701,147 words –  now: 4,006,659

3rd Place – Year 6: was 2,997,317 words –  now: 3,484,863  

4th Place – Year 3: was 2,467,221 words –  now: 3,037,036

5th Place – Year 2: was 42,323 words –  now: 227,546

It is worth noting that some classes have more children than others and also that younger children may not be reading large books like some of the older children.

Each week we will update the website with how many words each class has read and see who is in the lead. The way to add to your class word count is to read books or go onto Myon and take Accelerated Reader Quizzes on them (Please note these are to be completed independently by the children with no help from adults so that we can gauge their understanding of the text)