St Philip’s Allotment Harvest

The children, staff, parents and volunteers have worked very hard on the school’s allotment this year and we have managed to gather a lovely harvest of food. These have included green beans, marrows, potatoes  and some pears! A special thank you to Geoff and Bob who volunteered earlier in the year when we were sowing the seeds, taking classes for ‘Growing Club’ where the children learn how to plant and care for the vegetables grown.

Leo and Zach raise money for ABC Animal Sanctuary

Over lockdown and the Summer, Leo and Zach have been doing some fundraising for one of our local sanctuaries, ABC Animal Sanctuary in West Chiltington.

They started the summer by doing chores, washing peoples cars, making cakes to sell and selling some of their toys/clothes and watering nanny’s garden.

In the last two weeks of summer, they did a sponsored cycle ride, over a 5 day period. Zach cycled 11 miles and Leo did just over 20 miles!

They still don’t have their finished total but the last count up was just over £700! With more donations coming in.

Well done Zach and Leo!

Isabella’s Blue Peter Badges

Isabella in Year 4 has been very busy building her collection of Blue Peter badges. She has written a short report about what she had to do to get the different badges:

The Blue Badge!

For my blue, Blue Peter badge, I drew a picture of Henry the Blue Peter dog.  I also wrote a letter saying what I like so much about Blue Peter and why I deserve the badge.


The Green Badge!

For my green Blue Peter badge, I wrote a poem about flowers and a letter saying how I came up with the ideas because the Green Badge is also called the nature badge.


The Purple Badge!

For my  purple Fan Club blue peter badge, I joined the fan club and then I filled in a form saying things that I liked and disliked about a show.


I have also applied for the music badge and I hope to receive that soon. I explained what music I like and also sent a photo of me playing the piano.


Oliver’s ‘Gavin the Seal’ Poem

Oliver in Year 3 has written a fantastic poem . His grandfather, who is  and ex English teacher, helped him to write the poem.  They had a series of Zoom workshops over the week and Oliver chose to write about the local celebrity of Arundel – Gavin the seal!


Here is his poem:

Gavin the Seal


On the calm river,                                                                                                       

With the noisy motor purring.                                                                                   

Four in the boat,       

On an early summer’s morning.


`What’s that?’’ we shouted, to the big grey blob on the riverside.                             

 “It’s Gavin the seal!’’                                                                                                       

He was washed up,                                                                                                       

 basking on the bank.


Gavin suddenly noticed us,                                                                                           

 And slithered down into the water.

With the engine stilled,                                                                                                   

Sensing something interesting,                                                                                     

 He swam towards us.


Curiously, coming close to the boat, his whiskers were alert,                                   

And he was snorting for air.                                                                                       

Eyeing us closely, Gavin then slowly dived                                                                   

and gracefully glided away and we went home happy.

Henry is in the MILLIONAIRE’s Word Count Club!

A MASSIVE congratulations to Henry in Year 4.  He has read 1,538,172 words through his Accelerated Reader quizzes!

Henry has received a special certificate to celebrate his achievements. Keep up the good reading Henry!


Accelerated Reader 
Accelerated Reader is a computer-based program that monitors reading practice and progress.Children read books within their allocated range and take short quizzes after reading a to check if they’ve understood it

Username: (student’s initial and surname)
Password: (same as Active Learn and MyOn)