Chelsea Football Learning Packs

An email from Enzo Benn, Chelsea Football Club’s Sussex schools officer:


Please find attached our ‘Extra Time Learning Resource packs’ that have been created by our fantastic education department.

There is a pack for each day of the week (Mon-Fri) which is named after a current Chelsea player.The bite sized packs can be sent to children learning from home or be used for key worker children in school. There is a mixture of theory and practical based learning to be completed which I hope can help in this tough time!

First up on Monday is: Mateo Monday, followed by Tomori Tuesday, Willian Wednesday, Telford Thursday and then finishing with Fran Friday!

Any pictures and small write ups of the children/adults taking part in the programmes please email them into school.

Kind regards

Enzo Benn


Please click on the packs below:

Mateo Monday

Tomori Tuesday

Willian Wednesday

Telford Thursday

Fran Friday