Easing traffic congestion on London Road

Roger Everitt from the Arundel traffic Committee has asked all parents to look at possible solutions for making London road safer for all children and easing congestion. These suggestions are by no means actions that will happen once we have consulted but if we have our say, as a community, then we will at least be heard by the powers that be.

The email to record your responses is: admin@arundeltowncouncil.gov.uk

There is a proposal to put a mini roundabout in London Road to initially ease access to the Castle Estate.

 Option A:

Put bollards along the edge of wide pavement on Castle Estate side of road to stop people parking on the pavement.

 Option B:

Extend the school railings at the top of the school steps so children and adults do not have to step into the road to get past people on the pavement.

Option C:

Use wider pavement in London Road on Castle Estate side to create ‘Drop Off Zone’ for children. Challenge: children will still have to cross the road.

Option D:

Narrow the pavement on the Castle Estate side of the London Road to make the road wider and create a ‘Drop Off Zone’ for children on school side of London Road.