Hugo and Oscar Home Learning

Lots of you have been sending photos of some of the home learning you have been doing at home. We will be sharing these on the News Page of the website to celebrate what is going on at home and hopefully give other parents ideas of activities to do.

Hugo has been marking Teddy’s maths. They keep finding that he’s sneaked downstairs in the night, helped himself to the honey and done some sums- Hugo Marks then, checking his answers by counting out pasta.

Oscar learnt about distance, speed, time calculations Both boys learnt about rainbows by reading and watching online info. Then they made their own rainbow using a mirror and water and also learnt the sign language to It can sing a rainbow’ (thanks to Theresa for the idea for the song) they were so excited to see the rainbow and make it ‘dance’ by wiggling the bowl.

Hugo ran a lesson about toys- they had to hunt for the toys around the house, order them from old to new, and think which toys were best for the environment. Oscar ran a cooking and science lesson- he gathered ingredients he thought might make a cake – which he called ‘isolation cake’. Whilst it was in the oven he read us facts about black holes from his space book. The cakes were somewhat fizzy due to high levels of Baking soda but certainly did rise!

They have had a lovely walk in the sunshine each day and collected things to draw or make prints.