Love in a box

We have once again teamed up with Arundel Cathedral to bring a little joy to under privileged children throughout Eastern Europe at Christmas. Each year the school asks families to fill a shoe box with gifts for a child in need. The shoe boxes can be filled with small toys, games, toiletries and chocolate and it is then decorated in Christmas paper.


The charity who organizes it is Mustard Seed Relief Missions and they are based in East Sussex. The boxes are collected at school and then taken to join the other donations from the Cathedral where they are collected by the charity. Our families are always very generous and we usually have over 50 boxes to donate. This year, even with the challenging economy, has been no exception.


As a school it is a wonderful way for our children to witness and to participate in ‘love in action’. We often talk about a small act making a big difference and this is evidenced in this activity. The charity send on average 30,000 boxes each year and each one is received by a child.