Oliver’s ‘Gavin the Seal’ Poem

Oliver in Year 3 has written a fantastic poem . His grandfather, who is  and ex English teacher, helped him to write the poem.  They had a series of Zoom workshops over the week and Oliver chose to write about the local celebrity of Arundel – Gavin the seal!


Here is his poem:

Gavin the Seal


On the calm river,                                                                                                       

With the noisy motor purring.                                                                                   

Four in the boat,       

On an early summer’s morning.


`What’s that?’’ we shouted, to the big grey blob on the riverside.                             

 “It’s Gavin the seal!’’                                                                                                       

He was washed up,                                                                                                       

 basking on the bank.


Gavin suddenly noticed us,                                                                                           

 And slithered down into the water.

With the engine stilled,                                                                                                   

Sensing something interesting,                                                                                     

 He swam towards us.


Curiously, coming close to the boat, his whiskers were alert,                                   

And he was snorting for air.                                                                                       

Eyeing us closely, Gavin then slowly dived                                                                   

and gracefully glided away and we went home happy.