Reduced Plastics Eco Day

Today we have held a Reduced Plastics Eco Day in school.

Our School Councillors wanted to raise awareness in our school about how we could help the environment and make a difference. The Eco Team took on this challenge suggested by the School Council and organised the day. The children were encouraged to walk to school, if possible, and to bring in an Eco-friendly packed lunch (avoiding single use plastics).

Chartwells, our hot meals provider, worked with us to ensure that hot meals were served out of reusable servers (rather than disposable/recyclable plastic trays). Chartwells also came into school to deliver assemblies to our children to explain how lunchbox contents can be environmentally friendly and how portion control and food waste can be limited by things they do each day.

The children were asked to reduce water usage when cleaning their teeth, think of other ways to reduce water usage and had class discussions about their part to play in reducing their carbon footprint and helping our environment.

Our Eco team ensure lights are off when not in use, doors are kept closed to retain heat and they empty the recycling bins. The Eco Team award an Eco certificate to one class per week in our celebration assembly. This is awarded to the most Eco-friendly class of the week.

Our Eco Warriors with their badges on

Chartwells Assembly