Remembrance Sunday 2017

Earlier in the year both Arundel schools were asked to produce  poems that could be read at the town’s annual Remembrance Sunday Service. One of our Year 5 students, Hannah, had her poem chosen, along with Annie from ACE,  by the Duchess of Norfolk and both Hannah and Annie read beautifully.

Below is Hannah’s poem.

I am the war

I am the medals on your chest,

Many of my friends lay to rest.

I have fought for my country in pain,

In the beaming sun and the pouring rain.

I am the mothers who are crying,

Sadly the boys are quickly dying,

I am the guns firing,

But this journey is too terrifying.


I am the man who survived the trench,

And here I am on this bench.

So many men covered in mud,

And me, I’m in blood.

I’m the helmet on your head,

The poppies are so ruby red.

We will remember those who went to the war,

But this should not go on any more.

By Hannah Holte, age 9