Snowdrop Donation

Last summer, the Year 6 pupils took part in an entrepreneurial school project called ‘Five for £5’. Each group of 5 children were given a £5 investment, it was then up to them how they wanted to invest their money. Children had to consider outgoings, profits, costs, even interest from money borrowed.  The pupils came up with lots of innovative ideas from baking cakes and making friendship bracelets to selling eggs and charging for a ‘Selfie with a sheep’.

The children’s hard work certainly paid off and in total they made over £300. They were allowed to choose how to spend this money. To celebrate the end of term they had a fun filled day at Billycan Camping. This was kindly donated for free by Alex Stewart. After spending some of their money on food and fun for the day, the children decided they would like to donate the money to a charity very close to their heart – The Snowdrop Trust. On Thursday 13th October, Di Levantine from the Snowdrop Trust, came into St Philip’s to accept the cheque.  It was a lovely opportunity for Di Levantine to visit the school as she has previously supported families within our community.

St Philip’s and the other Catholic Schools in the deanery, including St Philip Howard High School, are donating all that is raised during their deanery advent fundraising to the Snowdrop Trust also.