St Philip’s Reading Challenge is launched

Last week, we launched our St Philip’s Reading Challenge for Year 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Books and activities have been specifically selected for each year group with the ultimate purpose of the challenge being to develop a long lasting love of reading.

Each child in these year groups have taken home a reading challenge booklet full with different challenge. Each class has an award board on display so that children can track where they are on the challenge and how close they are to receiving their certificate.

There is  approximately one challenge a week so it is anticipated that it will last well into the academic year. It is not compulsory to complete a challenge a week but is a guideline. These challenges are intended to go hand in hand with any daily reading that is already done and is not meant to replace the precious reading time spent with children.

In addition to the books that children bring home from book bands, free reading or the school library,there is also a  ‘Book Exchange’ where you can swap books with other families in the school. Donations of books towards the Book Exchange would be greatly appreciated.

Electronic copies of each class challenge can be found on  ‘The Curriculum’ page of the website.

The Curriculum