Year 5 Novium Sleepover

Last term the children in Year 5 studied Space as their topic. They all really enjoyed it and learned lots from Tim Peak’s expedition to the international Space Station last year. Luckily, The Novium museum in Chichester have recently opened a Tim Peak exhibition and the children in Year 5 got the opportunity to stay overnight at the museum to enjoy activities and bedtime stories.

The children arrived at 7pm and were greeted by St Philip’s staff and staff from The Novium. They then did activities such as building space crafts out of cardboard boxes and creating space themed art work. They were given snacks and at 10pm went to bed. The children were very well behaved and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you to the staff who gave their time to stay overnight with the children.

IMG_5151 IMG_5156 IMG_5178