Year 6 trip to Kingswood

On Wednesday 13th November 2013, we (Year 6) left for our residential trip to the Isle of Wight. We were very excited as we waved our parents goodbye from the coach. We couldn’t wait to get to Kingswood, the activity centre, where we would be staying. We bet Mrs Foster, Mrs Tout and Mrs Groves had a headache because of all the noise that was going on with 30 excited children. We travelled by coach and ferry. Luckily it was a smooth crossing! When we were arrived, we were just so excited to go on all the activities and get unpacked! Our dormitories were great fun because it was like having a giant sleepover.

Our favourite activity was probably Nightline, which is where you are blind folded and have to find your way through muddy paths and puddles. There are small tunnels and string you had to get through. It was very funny to see our faces when we got out. We also liked the team challenge where you competed against your friends in teams.


Wall agree that we were very scared of some of the activities but we learnt to challenge ourselves, work together and not give up. We felt really good about ourselves afterwards and returned to school exhausted, dirty but eager to tell everyone about our trip.

 By Lily Flinders and Keris Gall