Our Governors


A vacancy for Foundation Governor on the governing body has arisen and expressions of interests are being sought from practising committed Catholics for the ministry.

The term of office is for four years from the date of appointment.
The governors of a Catholic school work as a team, in close co-operation with the headteacher and all the staff. Foundation governors share the responsibilities of all governors:

– Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos, and strategic direction.
– Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
– Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

In addition to this, foundation governors are appointed specifically to ensure:
– that the religious character of the school is preserved
– that the school is conducted in accordance with its trust deed
– that the religious education curriculum is in accordance with the Bishop’s policy for this Diocese

Anyone interested in the mission of foundation governor should not be put off by a lack of experience. Appropriate training is available during the period of service.


The role of the Governing Body
The DfE lists the three core functions of a governing body as:

Ensuring clarity of vision ethos and strategic direction
Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff
Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

St Philips Arundel – Governors’ Strategic Vision 2019-2024 

Voluntary Aided Status
As governors of a voluntary aided school, the governors have additional responsibilities:
Admissions authority
Employer of staff
Raising the 10% shortfall in the capital expenditure budget allocated by the Local Authority

The Governing Body of St Philip’s is a vital component in the successful running of our school. This committee of dedicated volunteers is involved in decisions about all aspects of the school’s operation and management, such as the buildings and budgets, staff welfare and setting school standards and policies.

Governor vacancies are published within the school community whenever they arise.

Minutes for all Governor meetings are available upon request.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Governor, please contact: Clerk to the Governors, via the office: 01903 882115.

  • Our Chair of Governors is Denise Jenkins
  • Our Vice Chair of Governors is John Bell
  • Our Clerk to Governors is Lesley-anne Scorgie.

In addition to Full Governing Body Membership, every governor is a member of one of the two Committees; Teaching and Learning and Resources.

Teaching and Learning Membership

Fiona Gardiner – Chair
Nikki Burgess – Vice Chair
Lucy Horne, Sydney Bridges, Cora Gillies, Clare Fecher and Claire Fairlie.

The Teaching and Learning committee takes particular responsibility for the following areas:

Assessment, Curriculum, Pupil Welfare; Attendance and Behaviour, Special Needs, Gifted and Talented

Resources Membership

Faye Childerhouse – Chair
Kathryn Flanagan – Vice Chair
David Rowland, Denise Jenkins, Pauline Allen, John Bell, Carole de Silva and Lucy Horne.

The Resources Committee takes particular responsibility for the following areas:

Finance, Staffing, Premises, Health and Safety, Marketing , the Website General Resources including I.T.

Click on the names below to expand and find out a little bit more about each of our Governors

Lucy Horne - Headteacher, appointed September 2014
I am Mrs Lucy Horne and as Headteacher I sit on all the Governing Body Committees. The skills I bring to the Board are those of Professional Educational Leadership and a wide experience of other schools. I really enjoy working with the other Governors to ensure that the strategic direction for the school is clearly understood by all and that this impacts on the outcomes for all of the pupils, staff and wider community.
Sydney Bridges - Associate Member, chosen by Governing Body, in July 2016
I am Mrs Sydney Bridges and I am the Deputy Headteacher. I became a governor because I want to share my vision for the school and be able to action initiatives which will make a difference to me and my colleagues. I think I contribute the viewpoint of a deputy who understands the day-to-day running of a classroom and how that translates into the overall running of the school.
Denise Jenkins- Chair of Governors - Foundation Governor, appointed in September 2017

I am Denise Jenkins and a mother of four daughters. My family are members of Bognor & Slindon Parish. Originally from County Armagh in the North of Ireland, we moved to the area in 2015 with my husband`s job, having previously lived overseas for almost 10 years.

I feel very privileged to serve St Philips as a Foundation Governor. My youngest daughter was a student here and excelled and thrived in this wonderful school family.   

My work background is in Finance & HR and I hope to use my skill set to support the Headteacher and all the staff, in partnership with parents and the local community to deliver an outstanding education for all our children here at St.Philip’s.

John Bell- Vice Chair of Governors - Foundation Governor, appointed in September 2017
I have been a member of the Storrington parish since 1990 and my own children who are now grown up attended this school. I was a governor here many years ago and also at two other schools in the Sussex area at primary and secondary level and think I Iearned a lot about the role in that 12 year period. I was delighted to be asked to serve as a Governor again as I have been involved in education in various ways for most of my life and without it would not be still working full time after 40 years and with skills that are still in demand. I have held various management, consultancy and audit roles in financial service companies and in the public sector in areas like business operations, productivity, IT, risk and project management and have worked internationally, nationally and locally in various well known organisations . This experience should enable me to assist in setting the strategic direction of the school and monitoring the progress made against it’s goals. As with other foundation governors it is also my responsibility to support the school’s Catholic ethos and help to ensure that our children and staff are valued and cared for in line with diocesan policy.
Kathryn Flanagan - Foundation Governor, re-appointed in September 2017
I am Mrs Kathryn Flanagan, a member of the parish of Arundel Cathedral. I have three children – my eldest daughter has finished St Philips and is now at St Philip Howard, my son is in Year 5 and my daughter is in Year 1. I am the HR and Operations Director for a charity based in Godalming, and before this spent my HR career in both corporate and consultancy roles. My experience helps in my role as Governor in assisting in the strategic direction of St Philip’s. I am passionately committed to enabling our children to have a brilliant start to their education, in a nurturing environment both academically and spiritually and am very proud to be a Governor at St Philip’s.
Pauline Allen - Associate Member, reappointed in July 2013
I am Mrs Pauline Allen MBE and I am very proud to say I was a pupil at St Philip’s. I am also involved with HomeStart, various other Trusts and the NSPCC, and serve on the boards of Ford Prison and the Immigration Detention Centre at Gatwick Airport. I am interested in all aspects of education and especially enjoy the direct contact with the children and seeing the excellent facilities and teaching on offer at St Philip’s.
Nikki Burgess - Parent Governor, elected by parents, re-appointed in September 2019
I am Nicola Burgess and mother to four children. Our daughter and youngest son are at St Philip’s and our two eldest boys have now left and go to St Philip Howard in Barnham. We attend St Richard’s Church in Slindon where we were married and our children were Baptised and where our eldest boys are now altar servers.

I think St Philip’s is a wonderful school and I am delighted to be part of the governing body ensuring not only our schools bright future but also the growth, happiness and personal success of all our children.

Mrs Burgess is also employed at the school.

Canon David Parmiter - Foundation Governor - appointed in January 2021
I am Canon David and I am a Foundation Governor at St Philip’s. Having studied at St. Bernadette’s and Cardinal Newman Schools in Brighton and Hove and then at Brighton Polytechnic I worked in Human Resources for East Sussex County Council. After a few years I discerned a call to be a Priest and completed my formation at the Venerable English College in Rome. I was ordained for this Diocese in 2003 and served in St. Joseph’s, Redhill, Our Lady of Ransom, Eastbourne, St. Dunstan’s, Woking. My first Parish as Parish Priest was St. Mary Magdalene’s, Bexhill, then St. Edmund’s, Godalming and now the Cathedral Parish. I have worked in schools as a Priest Chaplain and Governor both in primary and secondary schools, roles which I have and continue to enjoy very much. I look forward to continuing work with St. Philip’s both as Parish Priest and Governor.
David Rowland - Foundation Governor, appointed in September 2017
I was appointed a Foundation Governor from September 2017. My background is that I work for the Ministry of Justice as an HR Case Manager, and have lived in this area all my life within the Storrington Parish. I attend Our Lady of England Church, Storrington at which I am one of the Lay Readers. I am currently on the Governor’s Resources Committee with responsibility for Premises. As such I hope to be of some assistance to St Philips, which I believe is a delightful School.
Cora Gillies- Foundation Governor, appointed in September 2017
My name is Cora Gillies. I am delighted to have been appointed a Foundation Governor at St. Philip’s from September 2017. Having been a teacher for over 30 years in Catholic schools, I feel I bring experience, knowledge and understanding to my role as governor. I very much look forward to supporting the Headteacher, staff and pupils of St. Philip’s Catholic Primary School. I am the Governor nominated to oversee the RE provision within the school.
Fiona Gardiner- Local Authority Governor , appointed in September 2017
My name is Fiona Gardiner and I am the Local Authority Governor at St Philip’s. I have a daughter at St Philip’s and a daughter who attends St Philip Howard.

I work as a Solicitor practising mainly in Education and Employment law, advising schools and other clients around the County.

I feel honoured to have been appointed by the School and Local Authority to fulfil this Governor role. I hope to use my skills and professional knowledge to contribute to the effective governance of the School and support the Headteacher in delivering an outstanding school experience for the whole school community.

Claire Fairlie - Staff Governor elected by staff in July 2018
My name is Claire Fairlie. I joined St Philip’s School in September 2013 as the class teacher for Year Six. I am proud and happy to be a part of this school community. I look forward to supporting Mrs Horne and the Governors in realising their shared vision for the school as a successful and inclusive place of learning. ​I hope that my experience of teaching in other schools and settings will enable me to make a valuable contribution as Staff Governor to St Philip’s School community.
Faye Childerhouse- Parent Governor, appointed in September 2018
I was appointed as a Parent Governor in 2018. I aim to bring an independent perspective to the workings of St Philip’s. My educational experience stems from being a mother of three. Prior to becoming a mother, I co-founded, managed and sold an edtech language learning company in partnership with a Trust at the University of Cambridge. I now consult for a global insurance company in London, and own a loose leaf tea shop in the center of Arundel.

I believe all children should cherish and enjoy learning in a safe and well managed primary school. We need to ensure children are emotionally balanced, have high aspirations and drive and become the very best they can be. I will utilize my skills to help St Philip’s continually improve.

Clare Fecher- Foundation Governor, appointed in July 2019
My name is Claire Fecher, appointed as a foundation Governor at St Philip’s in July 2019. I have over 40 years experience of teaching age groups from eight years through to adult.  In addition to teaching in a school, I have recent experience of teaching adults with mental health issues and those in recovery from substance misuse. In addition I have provided additional support in literacy, numeracy and special needs in further education.

Our Lady of England Church, Storrington is my parish church where I am a Eucharistic Minister.

GOVERNING BODY OF St Philip’s Catholic Primary School  Our Governing Body consists of 12 members and operates  with two committees

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