Physical Education

At St Philip’s Catholic Primary School, we are currently using a PE scheme called ‘PE Planning’ which offers teachers and children a vast range of sports to develop throughout their PE lessons. The PE plan allows teachers to offer support for those who need it and extra challenges to stretch the most able.

We offer CPD for all classes for indoor and outdoor PE lessons e.g. Hockey, football, cricket, swimming, dance, gym, rugby and many more.

St Philip’s is part of LASP (Littlehampton Area Sports Partnership), which comprises of 9 schools in our local area. The LASP PE leaders meet regularly to plan and evaluate the extracurricular provision and request any curriculum time CPD the school may need. This partnership enables children in all classes to regularly participate in inter school competitions.  We are also in a sports partnership with the Deanery group of schools and access inter school sports events and CPD from their specialised PE staff and young sports leaders. There are specific events for vulnerable children and for the Most Able sporting children.

There are an extensive number of Before and After School sporting clubs for children to access and a fortnightly physical challenge which is sent out to parents via the newsletter.

The children are able to access active playtimes using the basketball nets, football nets, climbing frame and trim trail. They can also take part in the weekly ‘Golden Mile’ which is organised by our Sports leaders in Years 5 and 6.

Our Sports Premium funding is allocated to Sports Partnerships, coaches, equipment and travel to events.

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