Religious Education

At St Philip’s, all members of our school community are on a faith journey together. We recognise that we are all at different stages of this journey and as a community we support each person as they continue their journey, deepening their relationship with, and knowledge of Christ.

Prayer and worship are central to school life and children are encouraged to pray individually and as part of our community. There are many opportunities for worship within the school and as part of our parish. All are welcome to join us as we celebrate the Word of God through liturgies, assemblies and Mass.

We use a programme for Religious Education called “Come and See”. The programme follows a themed approach based around three themes, Church, Sacraments and Christian Living. These are explored in greater depth each term and build on the understanding of the previous term. The themes are explored through different topics in each year group. They follow the liturgical year and explore the richness of the teachings of the Catholic faith and Christian knowledge.

Other Faiths at St Philip’s