Year 4 Home Learning

Please click here for lessons the week beginning 27/04/2020


Below are some links and activities for the children in Year 4.


Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize

Please click on the link below to access a daily schedule of lessons for your child.Your child will need a laptop or a tablet / iPad to access the lessons.

Oak National Academy

BBC Daily Lessons


Active Learn
Here is where you can access maths games and activities specifically allocated for your child. They will need to log on to the website and the games are located in the ‘My stuff’.
Username: (student’s initial and surname)
Password: (same as Accelerated Reader and Myon)
School Code: xrgm


Espresso is an online learning service that offers a wide range of subjects mapped to the curriculum.
Username: student29215
Password: stphilip3328

On Discovery Education, pupils can also access ‘Espresso Coding’ (using the same username and password)


Accelerated Reader 
Accelerated Reader is a computer-based program that monitors reading practice and progress.Children read books within their allocated range and take short quizzes after reading a to check if they’ve understood it

Username: (student’s initial and surname)
Password: (same as Active Learn and MyOn)


MyOn is a literacy environment that gives pupils access to online digital books.  The children can read the books but will not be able to complete the quizzes online.
Username: (student’s initial and surname)
Password: (same as Accelerated Reader and Active Learn)


Twinkl are offering free school closure home learning packs that cover a wide range of ideas and resources to support your child’s learning in the event of a school closure.


Pupils can also:


Home Learning Packs

Year 4 Home Learning Pack
Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers
Year 4 Practical Ideas


White Rose Maths
Below are also links to White Rose Maths Assessment (and the mark scheme)

Year 4 Arithmetic Autumn and Mark Scheme
Year 4 Reasoning Autumn and Mark Scheme

Year 4 Arithmetic Spring  and Mark Scheme
Year 4 Reasoning Spring and Mark Scheme

Year 4 Arithmetic Summer and Mark Scheme
Year 4 Reasoning Summer and Mark Scheme

White Rose Problem of the Day

Suggested activities to do at home:

  • Identifying different types of money (coin rubbings)
  • Make a shop to sell items to the family and don’t forget the change!
  • Count any change in the house, put them in piles to help count them
  • Telling the time: digital and analogue
  • Learn the Times Tables
  • Learn Number Bonds to 10, 20 and 100
  • Count in 2, 5 and 10s
  • Measuring things in mm, cm and m
  • Learning days of the week and months of the year (and how to spell them)
  • Know the number of seconds in a minute, the number of days in each month and number of days in a year / leap year
  • Know 2D and 3D shapes
  • Learn Roman Numerals
  • Know how to use a protractor to measure angles
  • Use a grid to plot coordinates
  • Calculate area and perimeter


  • Know how to write full name (including middle names)
  • Read books – see if you can then quiz on them on Accelerated Reader
  • Keep a diary
  • Create a newspaper
  • Write a letter asking Mrs Horne for something to make the school even better on your return. (Use persuasive language)
  • Write a poem about your senses
  • Write a poem about someone. Could be a family member or someone famous
  • Write a letter to an elderly or isolated person
  • Write and illustrate a story book
  • Video a news report
  • Look at the Newsround website
  • Practise joining up handwriting


  • Research different types of birds (sparrows, robins, goldfinches, magpies, cormorants, owls etc) What do they look like? How long do they live? What are their eggs like? Any AMAZING Facts?
  • Do a bird watch in your garden. Count the different types. Draw a graph to show your findings
  • Research different animals e.g. lion, tiger, rhinoceros,  dolphin, octopus, starfish, seahorse, whale, shark, sloth, giraffe, hedgehog, fox, wolf etc..
  • Draw and find out the names of different trees. What leaves do they have? E.g. oak, ash, sycamore, beach, elder, hawthorn…
  • Draw and find out different names of flowers. E.g. rose, daffodil, bluebell etc..
  • If you have a garden, ask your parents can you grow something? Pull out weeds? Water flowers?
  • Go to the woods. What animals can you find? Look under logs.
  • Shell collecting on the beach. What can you find? What creature made them?


  • Design your own town. Where would you put.. houses, roads, hospital, factory, shops, parks, bowls green, tennis courts, football/ cricket pitch, Town Hall, bank, post office, petrol station, dentist, garage etc…
  • Draw map of world. Find out where countries are eg UK, USA, Russia, France, Germany, China, India, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Japan etc..
  • Learn the five continents


  • Make your own board game and play it with people in your house.
  • Make a quiz and test the people in your house.
  • Lego
  • Making things out of cardboard e.g. fort, castle, palace, town, boat
  • Star jumps, press-ups, spotty dogs,
  • Find out all the Olympic Games events and world records.


  • Baking or cooking
  • Do a workout with Jumpstart Jonny:
  • Do some Yoga:
  • Learn to play Chess and other board games
  • Learn some French
  • Research different religions
  • Observational Sketching
  • Painting
  • Learn to tie shoe laces
  • Learn to ride a bike
  • Learn to sew
  • Learn to play guitar / piano / ukulele
  • Learn how to use a washing machine
  • Learn to touch type


Useful Websites:

50 You Tube Channels for Home Learning