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St Philip's Catholic Primary School

School Council

Our School Council is made up of a group of democratically elected children.

Each member is pro-active, dedicated and well organised. The members of the council take their roles very seriously and, as a result of their hard work, have orchestrated and facilitated positive changes within our school. Children vote for four children in their year group: two councillors and two vice councillors.

The School Council is led by a Clerk who is chosen by the elected council members. The Clerk devises the agenda which is a list of suggestions nominated by each class. We have a member of staff who helps to facilitate the meetings and the Head Teacher always attends. Sometimes a School Governor will sit in on the meeting too. The School Council helps to provide a voice for all pupils and it meets every half term.
During the past few years, the School Council have helped to improve the school environment and grounds, suggested fun activities during school time and raised money for charities and worthwhile causes.It is also an ideas platform to discuss issues such as Safeguarding and School Values.


2023-2024 School Councilors

Ruby and Pierre Y3

Jamie and Bow Y4

Josh and Ellie Y5

Joseph and Sofia Y6

First meeting - November 2023

Second meeting - January 2024