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St Philip's Catholic Primary School

The Friends of St Philip’s

The Friends of St Philip’s play a hugely important role in the life of our school, organising many of the events that are milestones in the school year.

As a registered charity, The Friends of St Philip’s has the express purpose of raising funds for the children of St Philip’s.

Our aim is to benefit each child directly by giving them something that they would not otherwise experience or have access to through school. Above all, the Friends of St Philip’s aims to enhance the children’s learning and overall experience during their time at the school.

Traditionally, we undertake two main fundraising events in any given year – a Christmas Bazaar and a Summer Fair. In addition, we run a number of non-fundraising activities throughout the year which are designed to be fun for the children whilst being linked to their learning. 

Being involved with these activities presents a wonderful opportunity for parents to be engaged in their children’s education and helps the continued growth of our inclusive school community.

The Friends of St Philip’s is not a committee, nor is it simply affiliated to the school. The Friends of St Philip’s is part of the school community and as such, every parent is a member.

It is our charity, for our children

You will receive regular updates regarding forthcoming activities and opportunities to be involved. Look out for our yellow letters in your child’s bookbag.

For more information about The Friends of St Philip’s activities, events and getting involved contact the School Office.